smorgan81 - Thankful for the healthy babe growing inside me, the start of weekends, and for bedroom air conditioning during NYC heat waves.
Diana Chaplin - I just love all the wonderful people in my life, both personal and professional, so lucky and grateful!
Rayofsunshine - Thankful for the stillness of early mornings
AngelaLussier - I'm grateful for deep talks with people randomly met at the lunch counter.
Diana Chaplin - Super grateful for all the support in launching this site!
jessiramirez - I am greatful for the positive vibes and love you find in simple yet unexpected places (like the NYC subway, lol)!
kelseybananasbellinis - I am grateful for the three weeks I just got to spend relaxing with my family and friends in my hometown :)
guramritk - I am absolutely grateful for this beautiful day and for watermelon. I love watermelon.
Rayofsunshine - Thankful for this beautiful day, my family, and good food!
bibird - I'm thankful for sunny days and beach waves :)
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