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Rayofsunshine - Endlessly grateful for the love of my amazing family and friends, they are what make life worth living :)
guramritk - I'm thankful for the changing of the seasons and for the beginning of cider season. Cider donuts please! And I am also thankful for peace of mind while wedding planning. Yay.
Diana Chaplin - A community of open-minded people who love with full hearts and minds.
smorgan81 - Thankful for those slow summer evening strolls through an old-school Brooklyn street fair with my husband friend.
Amy Gretch - Thankful for this wonderful summer weather in NYC!
Diana Chaplin - thankful for the internet today, and how it has given rise to so many wonderful voices and resources that create joy and personal enrichment.
Rayofsunshine - that moment when the kids are finally in bed and all is quiet
jessiramirez - Drives through cornfields, ice cream with a special boy, and evenings in a zen tea house :)
jessiramirez - So thankful for the family I choose in my friends. Nothing but love and gratitude for them.
smorgan81 - Thankful for the healthy babe growing inside me, the start of weekends, and for bedroom air conditioning during NYC heat waves.
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